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2010 Dodge Journey


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Hey guys I’m looking for a work car, a friend of mine has a 2010 Dodge Journey with 120,000 miles. He wants $3,000 for it and it was pretty well taken care of. What do you guys think? How do these cars hold up? So far is hasn’t let my friend down, and another friend of mine has the same car but I think it’s a 13 and she loves hers. 

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I am not personally a fan but if it runs okay and mechanic checks it up it's an okay deal

  • My grandparents have one, been pretty good so far and it only has 55,000 miles on it over 10 years. They did need to get the shift regulator fixed which was $800 but that was because they don’t drive it enough. They aren’t great cars overall and it’ll most likely start having problems in another few thousand miles or so. I would say you could buy it, but if it has any problems starting to happen to put any money into it!