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Camry 2011 2.5 engine


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Hello Mr.Kilmer!

I live in Canada and I’m looking to buy a decent used car.
On your video “5 used cars you should buy” you advised to buy a Toyota Camry 2011. So I have a question for you: does that engine 2.5 AR-FE in Camry 2010-2011 burn oil or it doesn’t?    

Cause on YouTube there’s the other mechanic who works only with Toyota vehicles and he says that those 2.5 engines in Camrys 2010-2011 burn oil as like in Camry 2007-2009.

And one more question. Does V6 engine in Camrys 2007-2011 need regular or premium gas? What gas does 2.5 engine need?

Thanks for answering my questions in advance!


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I'm guessing that you're referring to thecarcarenut. My understanding of what AMD said was that both engines (the 2AZ-FE and the 2AR-FE) will burn oil if not regularly maintained (5K miles or 6 months between oil changes). (Some of the 2AZ-FEs were subject to a "Customer Service Campaign," and the replacement of pistons and rings, pending the results of an oil test, assessed over a thousand miles). 

Amhed also said that if you can find a 2AZ-FE that had been repaired under a recall, don't dismiss the vehicle. 

Parethetically, I have a 2008 Camry 2.4L with an unrepaired 2AZ-FE engine, and it burns, maybe, 12 oz. over 5K miles. But then, again, I've been a hawk on the oil changes, from the time I bought the vehicle, 14 years ago. (The current odometer reading is @ 154K miles). 

So, how well and often the engine has been serviced seems to be key with both engines, in terms of degree of oil burning. 

The owner's manual doesn't make a distinction between fuel for the V6 and V4. The only U.S. octane rating they discuss is 87. (Page 452 of the PDF, or Page 430, in the manual). 

See here:

Thanks 👍