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Extreme ice build up inside car windshield!!! PLEASE HELP!!


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Hi Scotty,

I have a 2009 Nissan Versa. My problem is that it gets an extreme amount of ice build up inside the cars windshield. The car is clean inside, no snow build up, no water or puddling in on the floor, the car is fully clean inside (All windows closed and doors closed). 


What could be the problem? A badly installed windshield? a vent letting air in?



Thank you for any help


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Many possibilities. You need to pull up your sleeves, search and find where the moisture is coming in. Tear it apart. Lift the carpets, lift all the layers out of the trunk/hatch, remove kick panels etc.


With our 40 year old Mercedes we figured out the problem was that the seals around the windows and doors were the problem as they have started becoming loose over time given the age of the car. not sure this would be your problem given how relatively new your car is but you might want to look into this as a possibility too.


Make sure the windows are clean, check the cabin filter (wet/dirty) and make sure the cabin vent is not clogged/stuck.