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Rubbing sound in 2WD


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Front rubbing noise in my 2011 Jeep Liberty 3.7 4x4.  It’s not constant noise and it is in 2 wheel first thing I checked. I jacked it up and rolled the wheels to listen for noise, but nothing.  I checked cv shafts, wiggled the wheels top to bottom and side to side.  Ball joints good and all the bushings seem ok. Everything seems tight.  I have loaded struts that I need to put in but I don’t see that making this noise unless it’s riding low and it’s tire rub but I didn’t see any marks on the wheel well.

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Well of course. If it actually is rubbing, you are going to see rub mark somewhere you see shiny parts. That's where it's rubbing. Sometimes the tires are too big. Sometimes control arm bushings get worn. They don't sit right. And if it consistently makes the noise from the same place, try my video finding the sources of car noises. Scotty