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2012 Toyota Highlander not reaching operating temp


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've got a 2021 Toyota Highlander with 212K miles on it. Still runs like great, but the Temp on the dash always says it's cold and not reaching operating temp. After driving for an hour on the highway, it came up slightly and dropped back down. Never reaches Operating temp. Do you think it's the thermostat or the sensor? I checked the coolant levels and coolant looks good. Oil doesn't look like it's got any coolant in it either so headgaskets seem fine. 

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feel the rad hoses. If they're not both hot then change your thermostat.

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Thermostat stuck open or temperature sending unit or both.

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A 2021 Highlander with 212k miles, you must've driven the "eff" out of it in 1 year

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oh yeah, good catch.
580 miles per day , 7 days a week.