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2013 Hyundai Veloster / Recall / Hyundai will not honor damage caused by recall


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I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo for my son about 11 months ago. About 3 weeks ago when he was driving home from classes he heard a noise come from his car, the car lost power and smoke started coming out from under the hood.  I had the vehicle towed to a local Hyundai dealership for inspection.  There was an open recall of the vehicle for some kind of computer software update that could cause a pre ignition creating increased air and fuel mixture in the cylinders leading to engine failure or fire.  Hyundai stated that they would fix the recall but not the engine damage caused by the recall.  The service department called me and stated that it would $9,100 for repairs.  They stated the car needed an engine because it threw a rod busting through the engine block. In addition, the car needed a intake manifold, a new turbo (manifold) and a starter.   For the life of me I do not understand how a car could be sold to me with an open recall that was never addressed.  Secondly, how Hyundai will only fix the recall but not the damage the recall caused.  Do you have any advice on how to make Hyundai pay up for the damage their recall caused?  

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Well unfortunately you are being screwed over by a Korean car company which happens all the time in the United States. The deal is here really don't care this is why I tell people not to buy Korean cars. You might try right into the actual Koreans in Korea they might care but the American car manufacturers they don't give a rats behind about their customers. Hopefully you didn't pay much for that junker because they do have really low resale values at least for people who understand the true value of cars like myself. Basically you're only option if you want to keep that junker would be to try to find a used engine and have it installed


Unfortunately, this happens a lot with Hyundai/Kia products (we see it constantly on this forum) and why we tell people to stay away from them.  Also, their dealerships and service are a joke from not standing behind their products or their warranties (denying claims) to technicians not knowing what their doing.  I’ve had family, friends, and co-workers who formerly owned their products and due to issues and poor dealer service (including not standing by their warranty) ended ditching that brand as they were fed up.