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2007 Tacoma 4dr


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I noticed some rusting, wholes, and parts coming off my frame. I took it to Toyota and they say that there wasn’t a recall on the frame just a support which included the coating that’s it. And that ended in June 2019. If I want my frame inspected they are going to charge me for it. I remember Scotty saying it was a recall and if needed frames were to be replaced by Toyota? 

I have called Toyota corporate and they said they cannot do anything about. That I would have to talk to my independent dealership who I bought it from and go from there. This is ridiculous, i would like Scotty to put them on blast for this.

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Look up Toyota Frame Recall on the internet for the correct TSB that might apply to you.


There was a full frame recall due to a class action law suit.  Not just the frame, new leaf springs, break lines, fronts steering arms, gas lines, bushings and more  The dealer is lying to you.


I have a 2005 and all those items were replace at no charge and they gave me a rental car for 6 weeks,  no charge


Now it may have expired, I'm not sure.  It's a huge safety issue so I dont know how there could possibly be an expiration date on safety???



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According to this article you have 15 years from the date of manufacture so you should be covered


Dont take it to that dealer, they are lying scumbags