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Spark advance 41°


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All done around 1500rpm

41° spark advance I feel like that's a little high.


Tps 15%.

Map is at 9.

Stft b1 is -4.7% ltft b1 is -3.9%.

Stft b2 is -3.1% ltft b2 is -4.7%.

Wanna see if everything is okay but the spark advance is high in my opinion I don't know how I would fix it and I don't know why my banks are under 0 would like a little explanation on what everything is if possible thanks.


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If you have one, check the cam positioning sensor function.  It controls ignition timing and must be properly set.  41 degrees at 1500 rpm sounds really high.  Maximum advance , I think, is supposed to be around 32 degrees at 5000 rpm.  Are you getting pinging (detonation)?

Correction - 32-36 degrees total advance.

Not getting any pinging

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Forgot to add it's a 2003 gmc yukon 556xxx miles l59