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Jerking and shaking while accelerating


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Hi Scotty,

I have 2015 Buick Encore with 1.4L turbo and around 124k miles.

as I accelerate the car start jerking and shaking specially in up hills, no problems on straight roads . the engine light will start flashing and the traction control lights up.

I tried to drive it with seep control  it did the same but the RPM went over 3500.

What do you think about that? please help.

Thank you

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Posted by: @ralph-jajawie

engine light will start flashing

The engine you have is 100% German and loves to give owners $5,000 repair bills - there's a 3 year wait on replacement engines. The worst thing you can do is ignore issues and trying to drive it.

Do not drive it, scan codes, report back.

When I had this problem the check engine light was not on, It was coming on only when the car was jerking. Replacing the spark plugs took care of the problem.
I had to find someone with good scanner and read the data for me. after replacing the spark plugs the check engine light came on with P0171 code.

This is a very well known issue that requires your immediate attention, I've seen way too many blown GM-Opel 1.4Ts with this concern.
After checking for vacuum leaks (see Scotty video on subject), if none are found, perform the steps required by this GM technical service bulletin:


Scanning for codes and live data would be helpful. Low hanging fruit would be filters, spark plugs, fuel pressure, cleaning MAF sensor and throttle body. (You did not state mileage but hopefully air and fuel filters have been changed at some point over the last 8 years.)

Changing the spark plugs took care of jerking problem, thank you.
Now the engine light came on and stayed, scanner show P0171 code. what should I look for or what should I replace?
Thank you

That's usually a vacuum leak, check to see if a vacuum line was accidentally dislodged while working on the car. If you need to dig into it further please post a new topic since it is a different question than your original.