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Should I buy this SUV


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Hello, Mr. Scott.

just wanted to get your input on a 2015 Yukon SLT. There selling me one with 40k miles. I checked the reviews online and they are horrible for this year. It states that this particular year was the worst for the Yukons. 
The gentleman selling it is an older fellow. He is asking for 34k, and it looks brand new. What are your thoughts. I would be financing most of it through a union bank.

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Pass on it.  If you plan to keep the vehicle for as long as possible and hope to put more than 100,000 miles on it, stay away from GM vehicles.  The only exception might be their heavy duty trucks 2500 series and up.


It may be a nice vehicle for satisfaction, but since it's a 2015, the reliability has been downhill on those for quite a while. Since it does have 40k miles from it's original owner, I would doubt there would be that many problems with it at the moment. But be vigilant though if you want to spend that much money on that truck while you have a better opportunity getting something that's way better obviously like Toyota or Honda products. If I were you, I'd keep myself away from it. Have a mechanic check it out before it's okay to buy it if you do wanna buy it.