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2016 VW Jetta 1.8L Sport Weird Issue


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Hey Scotty,

My 2016 VW Jetta with 73,600 miles is having a weird problem that the dealership can’t quite figure out. The car will buck slightly but only at very low speeds. Specifically, when I drive through school zones or in parks at around 15 mph and 1000/1100 rpm, the car will buck and the idle will jump up and down. This only happens at low speeds. Never happens above 20 mpg. Any ideas? 


Jonathan from Smyrna, TN

Any codes?

It's not throwing any codes at all. No check engine light on :/ I keep hearing about how these VW's are notorious for carbon buildup. Walnut blasting at the dealership cost $1,000 - $1,200. I would just hate to spend that money and it not resolve the problem.

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Check for any vacuum leaks. When was the last time the car had a tuneup?

Also, you may want to try this - 

It hasn't had a tune up I don't think since I've purchased it. I did however have the transmission fluid flushed, fuel system cleaned, and spark plugs changed last year in December. I've been looking into the CRC cleaner. Was thinking about using the valve cleaner. I just hear mixed reports about whether or not it works and that walnut blasting is the only way to truly clean the carbon off. Thank you for your tips though! Anything helps.

Scotty recently made a video about this product -