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[Solved] 2018 Silverado squealing noise at high RPM


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So I have a 2018 Silverado with about 75000 miles on it, everything on it works pretty well for the most part but I noticed something very peculiar. If I got to pass someone or do a hard full acceleration start I get a squealing noise at about 3500-4500 RPMs. Now what’s interesting is in neutral obviously its got some limiter on it to keep it from revving high, but if I shift it into M and into First and slowly roll it up through the RPM band, no noise. But if you pin it (whether passing someone or not) then you get the squealing. Now it doesn’t have the same sound as a belt but if you ever hear an 18wheeler brake and hear that squealing noise it makes, that’s about the closest I can describe it. It’s prevalent on the drivers side mostly. Any thoughts on that one? Side note on the truck, I follow all factory recommended fluid changes and change the oil every 6000M, Trans every 40,000M, and transfer case every 30,000M.


This thread is about the closest I can find on what I got going on:

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So, in case someone else comes across it. It was the exhaust system, there was a small leak near the muffler and under higher RPM it caused the whistle. Isn't that something...


I would check all the pulleys, belt tensioner and belts to make sure it's not them.


Interesting...thanks for the info