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2021 BMW X7 stalled due to water ingress despite not driving through any water


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My mom purchased a 2021 BMW X7 brand new from the dealer in November 2020. It has a little over 22000 miles on it now.

Twice now, the first being several months ago and the second a few weeks ago, her car has stalled while she was driving down the road. 

The first time it happened was on a highway exit ramp and the second time was on the feeder of 610 south by Westheimer in Houston. 

It was raining both times but she swears that she neither drove through a puddle or was splashed by another vehicle. However, her car stalled in the middle of the road and shut off almost all electronics. After a few moments on the phone with emergency help she attempted to start the car again and it started right up. 

We took it to the dealer we purchased the car for to find out how water could have gotten into the engine. They seemed completely uniterested in this and basically told us that we were lying and that the car had been driven through water and that water had entered the engine (their proof was a picture of a wavy air filter). They then said that all of the spark plugs, the engine oil, and the front and rear differential fluid all needed to be replaced. 

This was obviously an unacceptable answer so we picked up the vehicle from there and took it to another dealer becuase we have a replationship with a manager there. 

They were unable to tell us how the water got into the intake, but they did perform a compression test and a line leak test which both showed everything to be in perfect working order. 

Sorry for the essay but my question is: do you think it is worth keeping the car without knowing how the water got into the intake? It seems really usafe to me, as it could happen on the highway or on a busy street. Or do you think it would be better to take the loss and trade the car in for a different make/model that doesn't have this same issue?


Thanks for your help!



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First of all, water IS getting in somehow.  That is a fact.  You need to have someone find out where and how.  If it turns out to be a design or hardware defect, an authorized dealer should fix it under warranty.  Dealers are notoriously deaf and dumb when it comes to warranty work.  I would find an independent mechanic to work with you on a solution, or just sell the darn thing and get a decent car.