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2021 Mazda CX-5 Turbo// Gunther Mazda put in wrong oil


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Help Scotty, I got a new 2021 Mazda CX-5 Turbo AWD in December of last year and recently got my first oil change at Gunther Mazda in Fort Lauderdale where I purchased the car. My car was brought in with 3,147 miles.  After I got home and looked at the print out and noticed they put in OW20 oil when my car being the turbo requires SAE5W-30. I drove my car about 40 miles after I noticed the mistake. How big of deal is this? Could there negligence just caused my new car damaged. Called Mazda USA and they were great and extremely helpful and concerned that a Mazda dealer put in the wrong oil. What are you thoughts? 

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Yes, your owner’s manual for the USA/Canada region calls for 5W30 for the 2.5T. Driving for such a short distance shouldn’t have damaged anything.

Call up your dealer and demand they replace the engine oil and filter with the correct oil, with which Mazda recommends, at no cost to you. 

Typical stealership behaviour..

Thanks Scotty you are the best. We need more people like you.

I’m not Scotty, just a volunteer answering questions on Scotty’s website. All the best!

I think it's Mazda's attempt to combat oil consumption on the turbocharged engines.