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2022 Honda CRV Hybrid Systems fail, car goes into deceleration


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Hi, I leased a new CRV hybrid ('22) in June. Since October, the car has been in the shop 5 times. I have a case open with Honda corporate that is currently in mediation but they have not resolved the issue: All system lights go on (cycling through) and the car goes into deceleration. We have to pull over, wait for 20-30 mins to restart and go through the cycle again. The lights never clear unless we bring to the dealership. So far in the 5 service visits, they have told us to "remove the EZ Pass" because it might be conflicting with the main sensor (we did that). Then they replaced all 4 spark pugs, same issue happened the next day, then they replaced all of the fuel injectors- same issue happened on the way home. The car is a LEMON and it seems that they are trying to fix a technology problem with mechanical fixes, none of which have worked. Honda will not let me out of the lease and I could use some help.

Car has just over 4K miles, automatic transmission (push button start)

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Talk to a lawyer.


Check into your state's lemon law.


Sorry to hear that. I guess Honda is going to be like the other companies just out for the buck. I looked at a 2022 HRV and the major parts came from three different countries, none from the states or Japan and I said forget it.

How did you find the country of origin for the parts?

You can’t generalize to the whole brand; the context here is their hybrid, which will be orders of magnitude more complex than their ICE designs.


Technically, none of the modern vehicles are built like they used to be and there will be disappointments from all brands including Toyota.  More complexity and cost-cutting is the norm these days;  just some brands are still better than others.

Kaizen it tells you on the sticker with price on new vehicles.


Call the local TV station to do a story about it.  That'll get their attention.