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Multiple throttle trouble codes


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I have a 2007 chrysler 300 base 2.7L wit about 230,000 miles on it , started up normal one day but as i tried taking off started to jerk so i pulled over and my idle was acting erratically and eventually the engine just lost power and completely turned off,well i did the on board reader and got multiple codes, 2111,0222, 0122, 0660, so i tried cleaning the throttle body and cranked the engine a few times and it would struggle but after the 3rd try it started up but again with a weird idle, well i checked the on board reader and then i got a 0660 ,0522 and a 0300, i double checked with a code reader and those same codes came up, im short on money right now so i would like a professional opinion before i start buying things i dont need, first thought i had was buying a whole new throttle body and replacing all spark plugs, fuel filter and changing out that oil pressure sensor, thank you very very much in advance for your time and patience

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Check the simple stuff first, start with testing the battery and alternator and check condition of battery terminals. Seeing as how that car is 15 years old it would be a good idea to check grounds as well. Modern vehicle electronics are very sensitive to voltage and grounding problems.

The P0660 indicates an electrical fault in the manifold tuning valve circuit. That could be a number of things; loose connection, wiring problem, bad tuning valve. (Info in the videos below.) The P0300 random misfire is probably being triggered due to the tuning valve problem. P0522 is something completely different, a problem with the oil pressure sensor or its wiring. But check that electrical system out to make sure that these are not being triggered due to voltage or grounding problems.

I changed the battery 2 years ago so thats fairly new and ill check the wire connections and yeah i figured the oil pressure sensor had nothing to do with it but i still felt like i should include that , what i did find though is that my throttle body wont fully open so im thinking of buying a new one


P2111 | Throttle Actuator Control System - Stuck Open

P0222 | Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch “B” Circuit Low

P0122 | TPS “A” Circuit Low Input

P0660 | Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Control Circuit Open (Bank 1)

P0522 | Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch (Low Voltage)

P0300 | Random or Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

First I'd worry about the throttle code,

The first three, are related - sounds like a bad TPS - If possible, clean the connector and check it. (how to)

If it's bad, you'll probably have to replace the entire throttle.


The next two IMO are not important at this moment, and the random misfire is not surprising as that's what you're describing.


Let's hope it isn't an ECM fault, which is not uncommon on Chrysler products.