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Should I buy this Mitsubishi?


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Hi. I've been looking for an suv for <$7000 with mileage that's not terribly high and has off road capabilities. I found a 2011 Mitsubishi endeavor LS for $6300. It drives smooth and is in great shape with 130,000 miles. Big O inspected it and says it needs the timing belt (~$1000).
It also needs new tires and regular wear items like brakes and shocks.
If I can get the car for closer to $5000 and a mechanic friend does some of the work it could be a pretty good deal, assuming no big issues after purchase.
However, I know it's not a very popular vehicle and if something particular ends up needing fixed it could cost a little more because parts might be hard to find.
*If* I sell my 2001 Corolla I could potentially get back the cost of repairs for the Mitsubishi.
Is it worth it?

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Look for something else which doesn’t need $1000 of work (and who knows what else)..

What are your other used car options?

I've been looking for several months with very little luck. I need something that is good in mountain snow but have a limited budget.

With all the work that’s needed, try to shoot for closer to $3000. Realise you're still taking a gamble.. If the engine or transmission goes out, it’ll probably be curtains for that vehicle. What are your other options (if any)?

I offered $4300 to which he said no. My other option thus far is to wait and keep driving my 2001 Corolla.


It sounds like it hasn't been maintained well and Mitsubishi parts are difficult to source and a bit pricey these days.


I would pass.




A third no for the win.