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[Solved] American car manufacturers


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I've been watching for about a year now and love the videos, however in your opinion are there really no good models being released by any American manufacturers right now? 

Yeah I'm talking about the big three, plant location didn't matter. Share holder report must not mention much about quality of vehicles produced😏.

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Person I wouldn't buy any of theirs they don't hold up like a Toyota or Honda or even a Subaru


Unfortunately, I cannot recommend any CUVs or SUVs from the Big Three made in the last 10-15 years.

I would hold onto that 2003 GMC Yukon for as long as possible. That’s a rebadged Chevrolet Tahoe which were relatively solid, reliable SUVs back then.

I mean do cars built by Ford or Stellantis for the EU market count? If they do I know like 3/4 decent models…



I can't think of one I'd recommend under $7500 that would last a long time.


Sorry. American is not where it's at right now. They stopped trying.


Sad, but true.


None are good.


Sad but true.


I'd recommend a Ford Panther car (Lincoln Town Car, Mercury Grand Marquis, Ford Crown Victoria). Find one being sold by a retiree - probably low miles and gently driven. Can easily be found for under $7k. 



A lincoln towncar or ford crown vic are some good choices. A ford f150 with an NA V8 (never buy one with the 5.4 Triton V8 and one with an EcoBoost engine cuz they are endless money pits) is also a good choice. Another decent one is an older RAM with a Cummins diesel. Not a lot, but these are some decent ones.


You want a reliable American car? Easy, buy either a an old ford panther body car (excluding years 1998 to 2001), or just find any GM car before the year 2000 with either the 5.7 LT1 or the 3.8 or 3.3 V6. You'll sure as hell have a better chance with those cars rather than any new American vehicle.


I would go with a Ford F150 with a NA V8 engine. Do not get the newer ones with the 10 speed transmission- they are not the best. 

I don't know if you were looking into trucks but that is an American vehicle.

I do actually have a mechanical question, my 07 f150 xl 4.6l V8 (which I do love) has a rough idle (feels like a stall but...not really?) I've cleaned the throttle body and erg sensor, changed the plugs and pcv valve, and ran some techron through the fuel a couple times and it's still there. Its a little better and the fuel smell is gone from the cab. Thoughts, fuel filter or pump?

I think you hijacked this question by accident. But to answer it, it's not the fuel pump, check for vacuum leaks and the MAF sensor- it may be bad or dirty and may have to be cleaned.

Thanks,. I'll make new posts in the future. You may be on to something with the vacuum system. I can hear a distinct whine or whistle when accelerating at high rpm's. Thanks again


Whoa whoa whoa folks although I agree for the most part. American 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks are still overall decent. 


If there was any American manufacturer I would lean towards it would be Ford! They at least strive for Quality but lately have been having lots of design issues affecting reliability. Nobody supports Quality like the Japanese manufactures. I worked for years with them on other types of products and they are all about solving problems to root cause and fixing. When faced with a problem, they truly put TEAMS of people to investigate/revise/test/retest/analyze/prove before they implement corrective actions.


What would be the best used american-made SUV or crossover and what year?

Clarification: Are you referring to GM, Ford, FCA products because many different manufacturers build their CUVs/SUVs in the US so technically are “American-made” as well?

Yes you are correct....but I was thinking of the big three.

Clarification: How many years and miles do you need it to last you?


Ford Excursion. Any year with the 7.3 liter. 


Personally, I agree with Scotty.  I'd go Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, before any American made SUV or crossover.

With that said, if I had to choose between the American big 3, I would usually go with a Ford product.  And I usually would avoid FCA.  

But in the case of SUV's, the Jeep Wrangler design always captivates me, how it barely changes.  Granted, this is saying nothing about how long it will last, or how reliable it is.


Hey Scotty! Thanks for the amazing advice on my mustang, runs like a dream since I replaced the ECU, 8 years later I’m looking for a replacement American vehicle, understanding most aren’t made in America but just that it’s an American brand what is the most reliable vehicle of any year, type, make or model under 7500$? I already own a Corolla and a Camry and a few Mitsubishi’s, two civics and many imports and I am looking to replace my daily with something American, I need it to last as long as inhumanly possible lol much appreciation and best wishes Smile thank you for your recommendations and knowledge on the issue and topic. 


Thanks much for the recommendations, I completely forgot about the marquis and d250 although not much for f150 because I already have a 2003 manual shift, great truck has served me well but with 17mpg doesn’t fit my budget for a daily, mostly use it for my boat, I think I’ll check out those Mercury’s I appreciate the time taken to help but that honestly sounds perfect for what I’m looking for Smile


I wouldn't buy any American vehicle made after 2006, period.


he specifically asked about american vehicles.

how you feel about them is irrelevant.

kesterpaul stuck to the subject, the rest did not.

It’s not irrelevant at all. They aren’t reliable

most of them are bad, but there are some that are decent tho. Ford crown VIC and lincoln town car are solid cars.

I agree with @MountainManJoe. OP asked for opinions (i.e. thoughts) on reliable American cars. Saying that you can't recommend one because you don't know of a good reliable American car is exactly on topic. And this is coming from someone with a collection of American cars. Reliability has never been the strong point for American made vehicles. That is why Japanese vehicles became popular. Scotty had a video about this topic as well, though I'm too tired to search for it at the moment. Lol.