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Should I replace the transmission


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Hi Scotty,

I have my daughters 2016 Honda HRV AWD LX at the Honda dealer and the diagnosis is a bad transmission. 138k miles, and they told me today it was just out of the extended warranty of 7 years from the in service date (June 2015).  At first they told me it was covered.  They are escalating to the Honda regional rep, to see if they can offer me anything.  I should know tomorrow, but I am getting ready for bad news.

Clearly, Honda is having issues with the CVT on these, and had to extend the warranty to 150k miles/7 years.


How hard should I push to get them to pay all or the majority of the bill?  






UPDATE: Honda will pay for 90% of Transmission replacement on the 2016 Honda HRV. It 5 months past the 7 year extended period. The estimated total cost for the new transmission is $7k, my share 700. Car has 138k miles.

Sounds good to me. With that kind of luck going for you, might be a good idea to pick up some lottery tickets today!

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If it's a choice between spending thousands on a new trans or pushing as hard as you can, I would push as hard as I could.


Yes you are not alone regarding the CVT issues on this model year. But still first thing I suggest it take it to a trusted independent mechanic and get a second opinion; it might be the transmission or it might be something else that can get fixed at a lot less cost. I wouldn't trust a dealership diagnosis without getting a second opinion.

Aside from that there is no recall for it though and it's out of the warranty limit so technically speaking Honda isn't obligated to pay for any of it. You can try by contacting Honda corporate, saying you'll leave bad reviews for the dealership if they can't convince Honda to pay at least some of the cost, etc. But aside from that personally I don't think there's anything else you can do. Maybe other folks will have more thoughts on it.