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Worth buying lexus today?


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Automatic 2009 Lexus GS 350 AWD - $10,450


checked the car and took it for test drive,asked for history about the car,the dealer said they did a trade for it,and asked for service paperwork was done,he don’t have that too,cuz they fixed it in their shop,and the sunroof is not working.

is it worth buying it??




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Posted by: @gidi25

the dealer

A big red flag right there. You can't believe anything the dealer tells you. It's 14 years old with no known service history and a busted sunroof. (You didn't state mileage.) I'd be running away from that deal.




If you really want to, sign up on the toyota owners forums/lexus owners is the same I think. Put that car's vin number as yours, and you can see any maintenance that was done at toyota or Lexus.

This gave me a huge list of info before I bought my Lexus GX470, and gave me quite a bit on my matrix too.