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Buying a Infiniti 2007 Qx56 that needs a cage cluster replaced


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hey Scotty, I'm in the market to buy another Infiniti Qx56. I've had the 2004 version and I loved hearing my husband yell out NOOO! When he realized my 04 had adoptive cruise control and his 2012 Lincoln mkz did not. 😁

I've also had the 2011 Infiniti Qx56 which was complete junk in my opinion and I was grateful I was paid out 2 grand more for what I paid when it was totaled. Have you ever worked on any 2004-2010 Infiniti Qx56s? if so what do u think I should be aware of when buying from private seller? So far I keep hearing the gauge cluster needs replacing because they go on and off. Is it safe to take there word for it and replace this part ? Thanks scotty. ^_^

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Never knew these were put in cars -


The older ones were better built but be careful- a good handful of those vehicles will be worn out and the repairs on those vehicles will cost a small fortune. The gauge cluster is just the start of one of the repairs.


Good cars, personally I prefer the newer Qx56s since those were made in Japan and use the same engine but with the 7-speed auto, however, the first-gen Qx56 is still a good choice, when the gauge cluster is working because they are a relatively common issue. See how much it will cost u, otherwise, look for another one that has a working one.