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[Solved] Buying a new car!


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Hi Scotty and Everyone, I wanted to ask if it’s wise to buy a new car during this crazy pandemic market or should I go the used car market route. I’m looking to buy a Honda Civic or an Accord. Maybe a Toyota. Thanks! 

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If you can find a good dealership, you can. The hard thing is not about prices because you can always negotiate. The hard thing is how to get the car you want as inventory is limited. You may find a dealership that has only high trim models, or one with only low trim models.

Toyota can get you the car you want, but you have to pay them 1000 just to locate and ship it to you.


If possible, I would say wait. 

You’ll overpay wherever you buy, new or used. 
Dealers are selling their cars above MSRP. 
Used cars prices are also over inflated.

Yup! You were right. I went to the dealership today and boy were the prices very inflated. I guess I’ll wait until the market cools down. Thanks for the reply.


If you can wait, wait. 

If you need a car, you need car, and you gotta do what you gotta do.