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Car hesitation between 25-35mph


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I have nissan altima 2007 3.5 with 359k miles Cvt transmission/ timing chain

when i accelerate from stop, theres like a hesitation/sputter between 25-35mph After i past 35mph the car accelerates normally. But the feeling is even worse going uphill.

The car has a oxygen sensor code and theres a leak in exhaust manifold which makes the engine sound a little louder but its been like that for years, never had the hesitation problem before.


spark plugs and coils were changed 2 years ago

engine filter was changed recently 

car idles fine at around 750rpm

ive used injector cleaners

engine oil and transmission fluid is at correct level.





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Posted by: @paul0710

359k miles

Posted by: @paul0710

the feeling is even worse going uphill.

Change the fuel filter (if equipped), and then pressure test the fuel pump. Although knowing Nissans, it may only have a fuel strainer inbuilt into the pump assembly. 

For further diagnosis, see here -