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I brought A BRAND new car A 2022 Datsun Redi Go 4 door hatchback with an 800cc 3 cylinder engine with 5 speed gearbox, here in India for a U.S. equivalent of 5,089.27usd.Their service timings are

10,000km/12months for engine oil, oil filter and air filter.30,000kms/36months for spark plugs and drive belt. Fuel pump replacement at 120,000kms.Are all these services too frequent? How often do I replace the timing belt, spark plugs and fuel pump? They did not mention transmission oil change. What do I do with that?

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All that information should be in the maintenance section of your owner's manual.

but still...I think the dealers are trying to make us owner shell out cash. Last time I checked timing belt replacement are average of 100k miles in U.S.
Why do I have to change belts as soon as 18,750miles!Can I change belts at least at 100k kms instead?

Is the belt in question the timing belt or the fan belt? In either case the belt could be made more cheaply than what has been used in U.S. models, or is undersized for that application and subject to faster wear. (That model is not sold here in the U.S. and I could not find any info online as to whether that engine has a timing belt or a chain.)


You can do whatever you want, it's your car.  Some maintenance need to be done to keep your warranty in effect.  Unfortunately, you bought a vehicle with a very expensive maintenance schedule.  Please see the following published by Datsun India:







I would follow what the manufacturer recommends. Otherwise, you can forget any warranty.