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Clutch pedal pressure problem


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2007 accord v6 6speed 165k miles


My clutch pedal keeps losing pressure, it feels like. When I start driving it feels floppy and not stiff enough. I'll have minor clunking trying to put the stick into gear. Then after driving for 15 min the pedal stiffens up and works much better and the stick clunking stops.

I already had the system fully bled and whenever I check the fluid level, it's full. For about 5 days after the bleed, everything worked perfectly. Then it came back.

In the last year all of the following have been replaced. Clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out, pilot, flywheel, master cylinder and slave cylinder.

What could the problem be after all this?

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3 Answers

There is undoubtedly a rubber hose in the clutch line, at this point 15 years old. What kind of condition is it in?

I can see a rubber line coming out of the resovoir and it looks old but not really worn out or cracked or anything.

There should be a rubber line somewhere between the clutch master cylinder and the clutch slave cylinder to allow for engine/transmission movement.


I'd change all rubber lines/hoses. They may look ok, but they're 15 yrs. old.


Check all connections and bleed the system of any air, again.  The clutch master or slave or both could be defective.