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Crank, no start


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07 honda accord ex, Manuel,  319,000 miles( used engineput in bout 8mon ago not sure how many miles, codes p2646(working on replacing now), po420 and po325 which I replaced. I've had a pretty bad power steering leak for a long time now( replacing that as well) cleaned all the filters and replaced the one by oil pressure switch and one by alternator,  replaced vvt control actuator solenoid and just changed oil few weeks ago, though I didn't change oil filter bc I couldn't get it off. This is the only time that I kno that it hasn't been changed with oil. It has a strong start but just won't crank. My alternator is a few months old but lots of power steering leaked on it.  My spark plugs were don't not long ago. I'm thinking the power steering leaked on something and that's the problem? I didn't listen to see if it hums at gas tank bc I had my car taken apart b4 I learned to do that. I'm a girl and kno a little bit bout cars but I'm just watching YouTube and figuring it all out. Please help


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You'll find a lot of information on troubleshooting starting problems in the FAQ.