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2015 Hyundai Accent Crunching noise when going over bumps at low speeds


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Hello Scotty!

I have a 2015 Hyundai Accent with around 107k miles (automatic transmission). When I purchased the vehicle, a reliable mechanic said it needed the driver's side wheel bearing replaced. So I bought the part and had another mechanic (closer to home) install it.

Ever since then, whenever I go over a bump at low speeds (think railroad crossing, speed bumps in a parking lot, etc), I hear a crunching noise coming from (it seems like) the driver's side wheel.

It doesn't happen at high speeds (like if I'm on a rough patch of road going over 30mph or so) and I cannot reproduce the sound by bouncing the car up and down in my garage. I've done a visual inspection and there's no play in the wheel when I raise it up off the ground.

Any ideas?



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Well a lot of times the struts will do that if the strut mounts are worn they'll make a crunchy noise but if the noise occurred only after he did the work and immediately after he probably screwed up putting it back together you could have been a piece that then rubs when it gets the  big bump