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Cylinder 1 misfire


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Hi Scotty,

 My name is Lee. I have 2015 Ford Edge SEL 4 cylinder turbo with about 80,000 miles on it. Brand new battery if that info matters. My check engine light is keeps turning on and off. P0301. Cylinder 1 misfire. I took it to a mechanic and they said I had a bad coil. I replaced all spark plugs and coils but the code keeps popping up. What can cause this to happen? I appreciate your time.

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Anything that interferes with normal combustion can cause a misfire such as vacuum leak, bad fuel injector, electrical problem, or internal engine problem.

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Thank you. Just to add one more note. It’s not flashing on and off constantly, it will be on solid one day then off the next. Last time I went to take it to a mechanic it was on. He plug in the scan tool, fired then engine, the light was off again and said it seems to be running fine and couldn’t find any issues


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