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Fluctuating voltmeter


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I have a 2011 Infiniti QX56 with 160,000 miles. 2 days ago, the dash voltmeter moved from the normal (just above the middle mark) to just below the mark. This continued as I drove it did not matter if I was accelerating or coasting it would move back to normal, then back below the half mark. I did as your video instructs and checked the battery, which was showing 12.56, and when I started the vehicle would show 14.64. I checked the connections, and all looked good. Well, I did not check the alternator connections as they are in a spot that is hard to access. I checked the belt, and it does feel a little lose but not excessive. I did purchase a new belt just in case, but what else should I check and am I on the right path? 

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The battery and alternator need to be load tested, not just voltage tested for an accurate assessment.