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How to extend Ford 3.5 V6 Water Pump Life?


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I’ve got a 2016 Ford Edge SEL with the 3.5L V6, not Ecoboost, with 65,000 miles.  This is the V6 with the water pump driven by the timing chain.  Is there anything I can do to extend the life of the water pump, like changing the coolant more frequently?  The recommended interval is 100,000miles or 6 years.  I’m coming up on the 6 year mark. 

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You can try increased changes and shorter change intervals, but those pumps are junk to be honest. I wouldn't expect much.


I don't think so, you're right on time for the 6 year mark and with only 65,000 I'm guessing your coolant is probably still in pretty good shape.  (of course it should still be changed)


Change your oil and filter more frequently than recommended by the manufacturer.  Clean, correct weight oil will make it last a long time.

Those water pumps unfortunately are the weak links and they tend to go first.