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How reliable are recent Volvo and Buick SUVs


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I’ve been looking at buying a new car and the 2022 Volvo XC40 and Buick Envision have caught my eye. I’m not much of a car guy and would like to know about there reliability and potential resale value.

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Somewhere between slim and none.

you shouldn't insult slime like that. It is very reliable in comparison.


Volvo wants to be super “green” rather than super reliable.  Mission accomplished.(Weren't they bought out by China or India or something?)

In the “TFL scale of buy it - lease it - rent it - or forget it”, I’d give the XC40 a “lease it” (being generous) and the Envision a “rent it”. 

Yep it's Chinese, powered by a Chinese engine that's known for super expensive injectors that fail.

And it's not as if Volvo quality was high to begin with, today the boot latch failed on my Belgian built Volvo C30 and now it's stuck shut - exactly like the fuel door. 😆😐🤣 
And the Buick envision has a German engine that makes the Chinese one look super durable, there's a 2 year wait for an engine on those.