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Hydrogen powered Hyundai Nexo opinions


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Hey Scotty.  Love your channel!  What do you think of the new hydrogen powered fuel cell Hyundai Nexo?  

2022 Nexo Fuel Cell | Vehicle Overview | Hyundai USA 

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  1. Well I'm fascinated by hydrogen fired car Toyota makes a great one but unfortunately there's no infrastructure for fueling them up yet

I don’t trust anything that Hyundai Motor Group puts out:  they can’t even design and get their normal gas-powered cars right.


In the current state of cars being overly complex,

about 90% of mechanics can't fix hybrid issues and those have been around for ages - who's going to fix a fuel cell?

and it's going to break, eventually, all cars do.


I just can't see why you'd want to spend so much money to be Hyundai's guineapig...