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Hyundai Accent 2008 Automatic - Car Not accelerating - Fix the issue


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I'm going to be mentioning what are the current symptoms and what have been done previously and be straight to the point so it can be easier to guess what it can be the issue. I'm not a mechanic but I've learned a lot thanks for scotty and other sources, besides myself thinking what the <profanity removed by mod> is happening with my car.



What has been done (Since the last year):


- Brand new Valve Cover with gasket


- Changed Spark Plugs (I did the gaps right) and coils (Cables were not changed, was to expensive with brand new cables)


- Alternator (Another issue that it was having)


- Transmission oil + Transmission oil filter


- Oil changes


- Change Radiator (I've been checking and fluid not leaking into the engine).


- Air Filter






- Car no accelerating.


- Engine used to vibrate a lot. After changing the alternator (When I noticed the voltage drop), it stopped to vibrate that much, vibrate less. (I guess it could be a engine mount but they seems ok to me.


- A bit/moderate White smoke coming out of the engine oil cap after running for a while when I open cap (And a strong smell of gas)


- Smell of gas on the exhaust pipe. (Sometimes I can smell it on the car a bit when I turn just the blower on, A/C Has not been repaired yet)


- Oil coming into the Throttle body through the PCV Valve hose.


- Oil coming out of the recently installed Valve Cover Gasket.





What I will do today:


- Change Gas Filter since it needs to be changed


-Clean the Throttle body with some cleaner and give it a run.





What I can guess:


- Having high oil pressure


- Injectors


- To little air on the engine


- Wear on the Engine


- Wear on the Transmission





To be honest I'm desperate at this point. I don't have much money to solve issues, I can buy the parts and do the job. I did not know a thing about cars last year, and I've been doing these out of just experience with almost no help from none one since I rely heavily on this car, I will check if the valve cover had a PCV Valve from factory just to check if that's the reason why the oil is getting into the Throttle body. Any help is appreciated

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Aside from the other possible causes people have listed here if your catalytic converter is clogged that will cause poor acceleration.

I've heard that too. I will check that out as well. I'm thinking the gas filter might be dirty as well, should have been changed about 20k miles ago. Car has almost 120k. I though the gas filter was outside next to the pump in the back seat but I just checked and It wasn't there, so I will change it later when I get the part as it is inside the pump and I will have to take it a part.

Yep, clogged gas filter will also have that effect. Unfortunately on a lot of cars they are a real pain to get to.


Change the PCV valve.  A clogged valve will allow presure to build and blow oil out the seals.  Use a new PCV valve with each oil change.  They cost about $4.00 at Autozone.


Car no accelerating

Please be more specific.


Do you mean it doesn't move at all? The transmission is shot.


Or do you mean it's low on power? If so, I would do a cylinder compression test considering it's a Hyundai.

It does move just that it moves slow. Also I feel the car is lacking power but not sure if it is the engine or the transmission. I hear the engine ok, not great as i got it last year, but still sounds good to me.

Will do the compresion test.


An inexpensive scan tool is worth it's weight in gold.


Yes, it could be. That was suggested here as well.

If there is unburned oil vapor in the exhaust it will ruin the cat. and that definitely sounds like a possibility here.

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I'm sorry, can I remove it?


New PVC valve and probably a stuck open fuel injector is causing the smell of gas in the oil and exhaust. If your on a budget a bottle of fuel injector cleaner may help, but new replacements are your best option.

PCV Oops

The PCV Valve was changed with the Valve cover that was bought new. Luckily I see no leaks outside on the engine, but I bet that could be the case. Thanks for thye observation.

No prob. Good luck.