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Jumped Time?


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Scotty! I had just got on the freeway and as i was continuing to accelerate and reached about 80mph all of a sudden booom, a weird loud kind of pop noise is how id describe it happened. Following that noise as i was making my way to the shoulder it seemed to be kind of vibrating or pulsing too. Smoke started to appear as well at that point i was already pulled over and had shut the car off, though right before i pulled over completely the car already shut off on me. So.. im not sure what the hell happened... ( side note, my oil light did come on intermittently about 4-5 days prior to this happening. )  Could it of been that low on oil once i got up to speed and that vtec kicked in there was no oil to use and it shut off? I dont know 

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2003 Honda Accord Coupe EX 200k

3.0 V6 V-TEC Automatic 

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When was the last time the timing belt was changed?

dont believe its been changed. not to my knowledge 🙁


Where was the smoke coming from? Underneath engine? On top of engine? Rear?

It looked like it was coming kind of by where the power steering pump is, or in that general region

On some Accords, the timing belt is located underneath the power steering pump on the same side. Well not directly underneath, but you would need to remove the power steering pump to access the timing belt. If it is jumping time, maybe the timing belt broke? Not sure if that would cause smoke though.


Low oil may have started the ball rolling but with a loud pop, vibrations, smoke and dead engine adding oil ain't gonna fix it. You should have a mechanic check things out. Good luck.


Why are you driving at 80 mph anyway?  It's illegal.  If your oil level was low to begin with, it's too late now.  Get a compression test to see what's left of your engine.