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Is it a good buy? Or too big of a risk?


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Hey Scotty, I'm a big fan. I am contemplating trading in my 2016 honda accord coupe automatic CVT for a 2014 scion TC manual transmission to save some money on a payment and drive a stick shift. The scion has around 64,000 miles on it and appears to be in good condition. But I have heard rumors that there are issues with the manual transmission in the TC. Any information on that topic and how serious it could get?

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Have a mechanic check it out pre-purchase. It's really the only way to know what you are getting into.

I personally wouldn't make that trade, but everyone has their opinions.


Where did this vehicle coming from? Dealership? I would run away if it has problems. I would look somewhere else.

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I would say that is a downgrade.  If the car really would work better for you, have a mechanic inspect it and proceed from there.