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More advice on slow power windows than question, sorry


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Scotty. Once every few years, it also helps lengthen the life of your power window motor by removing the door panel and putting some white lithium grease in the track. White lithium doesn't thicken (higher viscosity) when cold, nor does it get runny when hot. I had a 1977 Lincoln Signature Town Car and all 4 windows were slow and sporadic. Applying the white lithium grease and, voilà, all windows worked great. I also used it on my front wheel bearings for over 20 years on various cars and never had a problem with my front wheel bearings.

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Well of course that's a great idea. But then again people are extremely lazy and they're not going to take apart the panels and do that most of the time. But for people want things to ask forever. Yeah, great idea