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Truck pulls to right after several alignments


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I bought a 2020 silverado 2500 duramax with 48,000 miles. When I test drove it, I noticed that was pulling to the right. I made sure that wasn't from the pitch of the roads, or the wind. The tires were pretty new, so I assumed that it just needed an alignment. Everything else was solid, the carfax was clean, the truck was meticulously maintained, and the price was good, so I bought it. It was a rental, which I know should typically be avoided, but i went with my gut. I took it to my trusted mechanic for an alignment. After working on it for two days, 5 alignments, the alignment system tech inspecting the system; the truck is still pulling to the right. My mechanic is puzzled, because it's putting up perfect numbers on their machine and everything is measuring correctly as far as spaces, and being square. The steering wheel was 180 degrees off on initial inspection. Any recommendations on where to go from here, so I can try to get to the bottom of this?

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There was minimal play in the tie rod on the driver's side and the rear breaks were dragginging slightly. He fixed the breaks, so all tires move freely, and claims that the tie rod is not the issue.


Carfax is meaningless aside from possibly confirming mileage. It's always possible the truck was in an accident that was not reported.

Tires can also cause pulling to the side. Even new ones can be defective.