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Corolla Hatchback transmission issue.


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Hey Scotty, 

2019 Corolla hatchback 52k 6mt,

i have always loved this vehicle, great gas mileage, fun rolling around the backroads of Ohio. However, I have had a few issue with her. From the day I bought it I have had occasional “lock out “ issues trying to shift into first and sometimes reverse(much more rare).Last night I was on the Toyota nation, I read an interesting post about potential issues with our transmission. Seems that there is a sort of “whirring” noise that is produced when the car is in neutral coming from the transmission. Once the clutch pedal is pushed in the noise disappears. Sure enough, mine definitely has this symptom. I have changed the fluid, about 15k ago. Is this the sound of impending doom? Is it potentially “normal”’and I am falling down a forum rabbit hole? Anyhow, thank you in advance. 


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It's more or less normal if it's a quiet noise. And of course when you finally wear the clutch out your replace all the clutch parts and the noise would go away

Much appreciated.