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Nissan Rogue 2015 SL why was NTB20-043 TSB created?


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Can you tell me why NTB20-043 TSB from Nissan was created and should I waste money getting it done?

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It’s an inspection to see if there is a clip or not it could be just a duct replacement or an entire air box. It’s not necessary to do if your not having any problems. The only reason it’s really there is some of them when stopped in drive there is a rattle from the air box from engine vibration.. If your not having an issue or concern just leave it alone your losing nothing by not doing it.  If it was detrimental it would be a recall not a bulletin 


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Yes. But why the change to the part and should I waste money doing it?

Yes, you should address it . The engine air intake should not have any holes in it. Talk to your Nissan dealer about it. It may not cost you any money. If they do charge for it, it might be $2. It's a just a clip and you can install it yourself. Heck, even a wad of chewing gum will work.

Nissan is requiring all parts to be replaced cost is $1,000