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Rear brake drum to disc brake conversion.


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I have a 2002 Honda Civic EX 1.7L VTEC with 32,000 miles automatic. I had to get my brake drum and shoe replace and it was a nightmare to work on it. I’m planning to swap them into disc brake system but what car is similar I can use to put it on my civic? Thanks.

Also, can you the same E- brake on my em2 to the new rear brake caliper?

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It's not worth it. You won't notice any difference because the rear brakes hardly do anything.


How can I order the civic EJ fast rear brake kit?

Check on the web site to see what's available:

Is there any other place where I can conversion kit? Just sent me link to the stores.


I wouldn't waste my time and money. You typically change your rear brakes every 2 or 3 times you change your front brakes. They're mainly there to keep the car stable. 

Once you've torn drum brakes apart once, they're all about the same. Like you, I had never torn them apart until I did my Ranger's rear brakes a couple years ago. It took a day and a half to get it back together. A few months later, I tore one of the drums down again to replace a bad parking brake cable. Reassembly took maybe 20 minutes. I tore my Catalina's drums down and reassembled them 3x doing a brake overhaul last year. The trick is getting the hang of applying leverage to the springs, and to have the right tools. One you get it, it's easy. 

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I understand what you're saying, but I upgraded my '99 Cherokee to rear discs and what a difference! Not only are they much easier to work on (I hate wrestling with brake springs and adjusters), but it made a surprisingly big difference in braking power and stability. In my case I used the rear discs from a late 1990s Grand Cherokee, including the proportioning valve.

The main thing I hate about drums is that stupid star adjuster. It wasn't bad to adjust the shoes on my truck, cuz I could get underneath without raising it to mess with the star gear. The Pontiac sucked. Haha. I got it close enough and forced it to self adjust. Between my truck and the Pontiac, I found a really long pair of Kobalt forceps, probably a good 8-12" long. They have a double hinge in the middle. That made the springs way easier to stretch on the Catalina. I was using my step dad's tools on the truck and he's much bigger than I am, so he could wrestle the springs. Haha.

I never understood why drums were more "intuitive" to design and use vs a caliper. It seems counterintuitive, especially when your instinctive way of stopping a spinning object with your hand is to clamp it between your fingers and thumb, like a caliper.

They're ruining the simplicity of calipers these days as well. My 'Stang's rear rotors got gouged somehow. Pads were fine. I replaced pads and rotors today. I forgot about the stupid twisting the piston does for the parking brake self-adjuster. Gotta rent a tool to press pistons in these days.

Changed my 82 vanagon to rear discs and made a huge difference as well