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Registering a Battery change on Porsche


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Vehicle: 2015 Porsche Cayman S

The OEM battery is AGM 12V 70Ah 760 AEN (800CCA).  Batteries available at auto parts stores are typically AGM 900 CCA.  My Foxwell scanner allows me to register a new battery, but does not provide a way to change the CCA value. Is it okay to register a new battery without changing the CCA value?  Or, do I need to find a shop with a dealer level Porsche scanner to register the change in CCA? The nearest Porsche dealership charging $460 just for the battery vs. $200 at Auto Zone is the reason for this question. 


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As long as the CCA rating is higher then you are okay as long as that battery fits in the tray, the problems only really start when you reach too far above or below the recommended threshold. Within 100 CCA is perfectly fine.


A QUESTION:  2017 Porsche Macan GTS:  If I were to replace the original Varta 92Ah AGM battery with a say,  Duralast H8-AGM 95Ah battery....and not register it....what is the impact if any?    Difference between the batts is just 3Ah.....the Duralast H8-AGM is a fit for my vehicle, so?


Not sure about the Ah difference. But NOT registering potentially shortens the life of the new battery.

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not register it....what is the impact

Have you checked in your owner's manual.

There's a few answers already in our forum about it if you search.

Battery capacity (amp-hour rating) is not constant. It degrades over time. Think of it as "health". That's what the registration is for. It tells the computer that the battery is new and needs to be charged differently.

It's "German engineering".