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Recommendation for Reliable Electric Car


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Hi I recently had a tree hit my car (2014 Mazda 3)so I'm in the market for a new vehicle since I live in Toronto gas is crazy expensive and it's leading me to invest in an electric car I've heard terrible things about the Telsa Model 3 so I've looked into the mustang mache e and the KIA Niro ev but I'm not sure how reliable they'd be if anyone has any info about them, id love to hear or any other electric car that they know of that is decently reliable. 

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None that I know of.  Every single Tesla ever made has been recalled for something, for example.


None are really any good in the long term due to inevitable battery deterioration. The suggestion to buy a Prius is probably the best bet. Toyota has perfected that hybrid system over a couple of decades and when the battery gives out it is expensive but not nearly as costly to replace as in an electric vehicle.

If you do decide to go pure electric it's probably best to lease it so you don't have to deal with any problems out of warranty. I'd run the numbers though, cost of the vehicle plus a home charging setup plus cost of electricity, and see how long it will take to see any savings versus buying a hybrid.


There are no EVs I can recommend for reliability, especially long-term, even from Toyota.  The technology is in its infancy and hardly anyone knows how to work on them when (not IF) things break.  I would pass on EVs for now.

A better option is looking at a hybrid especially a Toyota Prius.  Realize in the long run keeping an EV or hybrid on the road will cost more than running an ICE vehicle due to the expensive repairs to the battery systems as well as labor fees/book time for a specialist to work on your vehicle.  There are not too many mechanics that even know how to work on hybrids, so you will pay a pretty penny if you do find an expert.



Buy a Prius instead. It's not electric but it still gives very good gas mileage and most importantly it's very reliable unlike the other cars you mentioned yourself.

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id love to hear or any other electric car that they know of that is decently reliable.

The reviews for this one seem to be splendid -



What do you expect when the state of California is being run by one big banana pie?


Did you see on the news that California expects to see massive brownouts this summer due to all the electric cars being charged at the same time?