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Rough idle 04 2.8 vw passat please help SCOTTY


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I know i f'ed up on buy this but I have a 04 vw passat. I have a ruogh idle, befor i had a vaccum leace from the VVT adjuster on passenger side. The leak is gone and idle is worse. My scane tool wont connect, I'm certain the timing is correct never removed timing chain nor belt. Can you help me please Scotty watched all your video's great information inspired to be like you honesty first. I know i should junk it lol but its for my daughter's first car was my wife's. Keep up the great content look forward to it ever break time at work. Thank Tim Smith, Minnesota. Ps do you have a better scanner i could buy thats better than my $250 foxwell scanner thanks for your time.

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Have you checked the fuel filter to see if it is clogged? If you have already repaired vaccum leaks, that would be the next easy thing I would check. After that, spark plugs.

I have not yet, because it didn't run like this befor, but I did buy it thinking the same I also have a02 ranger 4.0l that's got issues mostly suspension, and a weird misfire too, and I work ten hours a day at my fulltime job

I definitely understand having a busy work schedule. Just check them out as you get the time. Smile