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Should I sell my 06 Chrysler Sebring and get an 02 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder?


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I have an 06 sebring in great condition but lack confidence in Chryslers 2.7 v6 in the long haul. I dont have alot to throw in on a new engine or transmission anytime too soon. Advice? Opinions?

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Take care of the Sebring as long as it lasts. Be OCD about oil and coolant changes and the engine will last a while. Most engines go bad when neglected, not just due to poor engineering -it's gone 15 years thus far! The automatic transmission in that car will be the Achilles' Heel. Don't beat up on the thing and drive it like you stole it, drive it like an old person would, and it will help last a while. A 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder is a 19 year old sporty coupe that's probably been driven hard. I wouldn't mess with one unless it had low mileage and was taken care of. Even then, only probably as a toy. Scotty often mentions Mitsubishi engines have poorer quality piston rings and become oil burners as they age. Lower quality piston rings, +19 year old sports car= probable oil burner.