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Strange sound coming from my tundra


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Hello, My 2012 Tundra 5.7 "non flex fuel" 250,200k miles, if that makes any difference; makes a kind of lazy clicking sound. You can hear it from the wheel wells and underneath the truck but not from up under the hood. When I’m driving I in a residential area at low speeds I can hear the clicking speed up a little with acceleration. I have no codes the truck runs like new. I’ve attached 1 sound clips of the truck idling fully warmed up. Tell me I’m crazy, Thanks

By the way I am missing a both slash shields from both sides of my wheel wells, so I’m not sure it’s just that much louder without them.

The file can not be played. Upload on a filesharing website and share the link here.

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Dumb question, but when did you start noticing this sound or has it always been like this since new?

Bought it used, I was sitting in a drive through one day and noticed it.


Sounds normal to me. But if you want to dig further, try this - 

Can you hear it when you rev up the engine while you’re at a standstill?

I didn’t try that, I just notice it when I’m driving at low speed before the road noise comes in.

Like the other member said, it sounded normal to me..


that's just the normal sound of a tundra engine, mine sounds the same. 

Sounds like a Diesel engine… Kinda like it LoL Guess I’m just paranoid, I came from a Chevy bolt.


Check the exhaust manifolds for cracks or leaks, and all connections in the exhaust system.

I thought about that, I’m to big to get underneath to check without remote running boards. Could it be lifters dew to the mileage?