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Stupid mistake i did while changing brakes


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Hello scotty & team,

This was my first time changing brakes &rotors  on an acura tl 2000.
Parking brake was on the whole time now i realised my parking brake is not working because i took rotor out with force.

what should i do to fix my parking brake now?

thank you.

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Have you tried adjusting the parking brake?


Hard to know.  

Most cars have a little adjuster wheel to either tighten or loosen the parking brake; might just be that.  You might have to take off the wheel but might not have to take the rotor off (there is sometimes a little rubber plug that you have to pop out to get access to the wheel).

If that is not it, then take both rear rotors off and compare the parking brake shoes and hardware side to side.  As @mrbob says, something could be bent or you might have broken one of the springs.  Check the parking brake cable, too.  Replacement parts shouldn't be too expensive (you can order a hardware kit from RockAuto for around 20 bucks; new brake shoes are also inexpensive).  If you do identify the problem, take LOTS of pictures of both sides so you can remember how everything goes back together.

If you don't see the problem, then I would be worried about something in the brackets.


If it is a drum within the rotor and you forced it off you might have bent stuff. Your going to have to take a then apart and take a look. If it's built into the caliper then you need the procedure for your car which differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are youtube videos including Scotti's out there but it is brand dependent.