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Subaru 25 year Warranty


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I need a car that can drive in the snow that's going to last a long long time. I saw that the 2019 and 2020 Subarus have a lot of problems but Subaru says they invested $1 billion dollars into improving their cars. They are so confident with the 2021 line the dealer near me is offering a 25 year unlimited miles power train warranty. All parts in the engine and transmission would be covered for 25 years! That sounds a little too good to be true. My question is has anyone had any problems with Subaru honoring their warranty? Does Subaru have a good reputation with fixing their cars under warranty or do they weasel their way out of it by saying things like "a part that is not under warranty caused the damage" or ""that is a pre.-existing condition" and other crap like that. If you have had any experience good or bad getting warranty repairs I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!

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I personally do not trust these warranties. As you mentioned , they can find so many excuses not to honor their warranty. 


That is definitely not a factory warranty. How do you know the dealer or other (very likely) shady outfit covering the warranty will even be in business next year, let alone 25 years from now?

The only extended warranty that might be worth a damn would be one direct from the manufacturer and even then they can try to weasel out of covering major repairs.

Thanks for the information. The website on the Sonora Subaru Dealership in California just says 25 year warranty comes with 25 year power train warranty. I'll also them what company provides the warranty. Thanks so much!

Just bear in mind it is most definitely a come-on just from the standpoint that you can't count on anyone staying in business for 25 years to honor it. You can bet your sweet bippy that they have no intention of honoring that "warranty" in the first place and the fine print will contain language tasking the owner with virtually impossible conditions and permitting the underwriter to easily weasel out of providing coverage. Just from that standpoint I would not do business with Sonora Subaru since they are pulling sleazy tricks right from the start.


On the other hand, friends and family who own late-model Subarus have had not had any serious problems and any issues under warranty were taken care of with no fuss. (That is under the standard factory warranty and factory extended warranty, not 3rd party sheisters.)


Dealers often promote their own extended warranties.  At least until they file bankruptcy.

But the fine print requires you to follow their services schedule, at their dealership.

"Required Scheduled Maintenance" can end up costing thousands of dollars in a few year's time.






Hard to know what to say to that because a 25 year warranty is kind of odd.  I would understand what your share of cost is for repairs and make sure the transmission is included.

That said, Subaru quality seems pretty well sorted at the moment, other than the Ascent.  My family has 5 (2013-2018) and we haven’t had any issues.  As far as honoring the warranty, that depends on the dealer.  I am guessing that warranty is coming from a third party, not Subaru of America (though if it is, that would be awesome).  So the question comes down to the reputation of the local dealer more than the car itself.


I don’t have much more to add that hasn’t already been said except don’t buy the Subaru solely because of that “25 year warranty.”  A good, reliable vehicle should be able to stand on its own without needing an extended warranty.  A strong vote of confidence in any vehicle’s realibility is buying it and keeping well past the warranty period.  In fact all the vehicles I buy don’t have a warranty on them since it’s expired.  I could never do that with a German vehicle, for instance, as well as with the vast majority of vehicles today.

Also, there is no free lunch.  If that 25 year warranty is not Subaru’s own warranty, forget it!  Scotty always warns against extended warranties, but especially if it’s third party (and not the manufacturer’s own extended warranty) - and if it’s Carshield run away!  Even if it was Subaru’s own warranty, that means you will now be obligated to go to the dealer for just about everything (and on time may I add) so that it gets recorded in their system and in order for a future warranty claim to be honored.  That will cost you $$$ in the process (since you are paying dealer labor rates to cover their overhead and what not) and you end up paying for that 25 year warranty.  I personally don’t like being beholden to the dealer (or stealership I should say) for every service/maintenance item just so I can get my warranty honored.