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Tahoe doesn't start after hitting pothole


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I have a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe w/ 189000 miles on it, and it's automatic.

We were on a trip, and we hit a pretty large pothole, and after that, the engine light began to blink and said that the brakes were needing service even though they're good, and the hazard drive light also came on. 

When we got to a parking space, the engine was stuttering like it wanted to shut off; the car was shaking a lot. We attempted to turn the truck on again: it would crank, but wouldn't turn on. When it turned on, it sounded really bad, like a tractor and the engine was pretty hot.

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why are there two of you asking about the same truck and problem?



My truck 2007 chevy tahoe hit a huge pothole now has the engine light blinking, hazard drive on and says to service brakes even though they are good. Truck is now heated and wont turn on. Makes a weird noise as well like a tractor.





Are you receiving any codes? It sounds like the engine is tost but more information is needed to confirm. 


Sounds like a vacuum line came loose or disconnected.  Check all your vacuum lines and fittings.


Check your vacuum lines and also check your battery terminal connections.

I'm assuming the oil didn't leak out via the oil pan being damaged? Check that before anything else. Sounds like it was a big hole.