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Toyota 2AZ-FE oil consumption


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Hey Scotty I have a 2007 rav4 with 112,000 miles and the dreaded 2AZ-FE 2.4. I have the motor all apart and ordered the ring kit, my question is do I need to replace the pistons is there a defect with them, or do they just get excessively worn? If so how do I check to see if they are worn to the point of replacement. I would just change them but they are $116 a piece. And I’m on a budget. Any help would be appreciated thank you. 

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You need to check the pistons and the cylinder bores with suitable micrometers to see if they are still within specification.

Thanks, do you happen to know at what point to measure the piston? (top, middle, bottom)

All three. Same with the bores.

As @doc says, all three and the bores as well. If pistons are out of spec they need to be replaced - however if the bores are worn they'd need to be bored out oversize by a machine shop and you'd need oversize pistons and rings to match. Successful engine rebuilding requires adherence to tolerances.


Just follow the instructions


How to do the repair (Official Toyota TSB):


How to the type of pistons your car has (Official Toyota TSB):


The design of this engine in general:


Additionally, I’d like to add that you should check for timing chain wear, look at the balancing shaft gears.