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Transmission Fluid w/o Change history


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 Hello, I got an 2004 VW's (1.0 8v) with 130.000 kilometers, I changed the oil a few weeks ago but the transmission I have to idea if it ever was changed, (I'm almost sure that it wasn't), the car handles fine, only issue is at the first start where I have to engange reverse it usually slips once or twice.

 Should I risk changing it considering that if it's still the original "oil" and probably is full of bits of metal and uses the "friction of those particles to run"? Thanks in advance.

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Posted by: @brazilianmagic

I got an 2004 VW's

VW what?


VW Gol, they only sell these here in South America, engine is the EA111, economic hatchback car.

Posted by: @brazilianmagic

uses the "friction of those particles to run"

Some VW's of that era (Golf, Jetta, ect) had dual clutch transmissions (DCT) . In which case, that advice may not apply.

Also, check out the FAQ for more info.


Change it. It's just passed when you should change it too.